Finn’s Journey & Treatment in G.O.S.H

This is Finn who is 9 3/4 years old. Finn is a huge Harry Potter fan and the first photo below shows Finn on a day out to Harry Potter world last summer.

Shortly after this photo was taken Finn started feeding unwell and was admitted to hospital where he spent weeks as the doctors tried to find out what was wrong with him.

Eventually they called on Great Ormond Street hospital for help and they admitted Finn and started working on him right away. Within a short time they had found that Finn had a disease called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

This is a type of cancer which attacks soft tissue next to bones and in other areas in the body. It is extremely rare, ( around 60 cases a year) and very difficult to detect at the early stage without the specialist equipment available at Great Ormond Street. . .

By the time Finn had been diagnosed the disease had spread through out his body and we had a very painful conversation with Finn’s consultant. But she wouldn’t let us give up hope and she immediately started Finn on an intensive course of treatment. The next few months went by in a blurr and although we will never forget them, they are not a time we want to remember too often.

However, after what seemed like a lifetime, Finn slowly started showing an improvement and a scan in February revealed that nearly all his tumours were gone.!!!

Finn is still receiving treatment and there is still a way to go but we are hopeful that near future Finn will be able to live a normal life again. It’s been such an unbelievably difficult time for Finn but he’s been an inspiration to us.

He’s been totally positive throughout and we are amazed at his resilience and humour every day… He’s a very funny kid. I wouldn’t be writing this now if it weren’t for the dedicated people in the NHS who dealt with Finn and especially to the team on Lion Ward at Great Ormond Street hospital and. Olga Slater… The lady who made sure Finn got the treatment he did and who guided us through this journey to where we are now.

I have never met more professional, patient, caring and loving people than the nurses who looked after Finn… They are very special people and we will never forget their kindness. Great Ormond Street is a national treasure and without it many families would not have access to the treatment their kids require.

Each year there are new improvements in cancer treatments and new equipment developed to help fight this horrible disease. But it all costs money. So anything that people can give is greatly appreciated by them and by grateful parents and kids.

Finn is sitting playing with his brother right now…. Something I would have taken for granted up till recently…. It’s because of this fantastic place that I’m writing this now.

Thank you to Sarah and Phillip and the Benburb Angling club for organising this please be assured that any money raised is going to a GREAT cause. Finally…. The last photo is of a page from Finn’s notebook that he had with him in hospital during his treatment… Good advice for anybody who thinks things can’t get better.


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