Rules & Constitution


General club rules 

1. Anglers shall comply with current D.C.A.L regulations. 

2. Anglers to comply with the catch and release policy currently in force with regard to salmon. 

3. No trout under 10″ may be taken.

4. Give way to fly fishermen. 

5. The club only recognise fly, worming and spinning as acceptable methods of angling. 

6. The use of prawns, shrimps and ground bait is prohibited on club water. 

7. Fishing is not permitted at the base of weirs. 

8. Anglers are asked not to take up permanent position on pools and to be courteous to other anglers. 

9. Anglers are to carry club cards at ALL times when fishing and to produce them to a club bailiff on request.

10. If any angler indulges in un-sportsman like activities or brings the club in disrepute, then the committee reserves the right to terminate their membership. 

11. Anglers must not cause obstruction to gates or driveways and dispose of their litter in an appropriate way.

12. The club does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury when not fishing. 

13. The committee reserves the right to amend the club rules at their discretion.

(Failure to abide by the above rules could lead to the cancellation of membership)



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