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02 / 07 / 2017

So far the River is giving us anglers good results with plenty of fish being caught. To date there has been 5 nice big shining silver Salmon Caught, roughly about 10 beautiful big Dollaghan and loads of brown trout. Plenty of nice size fish showing as well.

I have popped some photos of some of the catches in the gallery if you fancy having a peep.


19 / 06 / 2017

The summer is now here and though many ordinary people looking for the sun and the heat, us anglers are looking for plenty of rain to fill the rivers, unfortunately we have bee having little of the rain so far this year. One half decent flood last week has moved some fish up the river as there has been plenty of fish being caught on the clubs water, plenty of wee trout, lovely dolloghan as well & a few decent size salmon showing with ones being hooked and then them out smarting the anglers by getting away lol not to mentiion an angler losing his rod and net while trying to reel a decent sized salmon in.

Armagh Angling Club have an event called Midsummer Night Madness Compitition being held on the 24 / 06 / 2017. Starts @ 7.30pm til 10.30pm

@ Lowry’s Lake. All Club & Non Club members are welcome to take part . Entry is £8 pp. followed by BBQ. Preoceeds going to Stand upto Cancer. All Details can be found on Armagh Angling Club website.

Good Luck to all the participents .


22 / 05 / 2017

A lot has been happening in a couple of weeks. Major work has taken place with the disabled stand. Foundations for the stand has all been done and weather permitting the concrete should be poured at the weekend.  Thank you to all that has taken time to help the club reach this stage.

As well as the above the Club is holding their first ever charity bootsale for CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK.  Hopefully the weather will stay bright and warm for the event that will be held in Benburb Priory. 

The big count down has started to our BIG CHARITY FUNDRAISER on Saturday 3rd June @ The bottle of Benburb. 


07 / 04 / 2017

Exciting times for the club this year so far the club has had a packed out night in our local pub with Derek Bell as Guest, Club has now got a new office located in Benburb Castle, and we also have a massive fundraising night coming up on June 3rd 2017 for a Special Charity. Children with Cancer UK. Events planned for the fundraiser are A night at the races, Auction followed by Buffet and a good nights Craic and music by Heels n Reels. Loads more exciting events to happen throughout the year.

The club would like to say a big thank you to all that has donated generously towards the Auction that will be held on the fundraiser night.


03 / 04 / 2017

The amount of support from angling clubs and people to help with out fundraiser is overwhelming, Donations from as far as scotland, England, & wales. The club have set a date for our fundraiser night which will be held on 03 /06 / 17. The venue is:  The Bottle of the Benburb the nights event will include, A night @ the races, Auction followed by a buffet then it is time to dance the night away with the fantastic band Heels (n) Reels.

Tickets cost £5

If you would like to book tickets please contact


TEL: 07594935095 








BT71 7JZ

I would like to Thank everyone for their donatations .



17 / 03 / 17

WOW what a great week it has been for the club.

The club’s 2017 charity fundraising is for CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK. Fundraising started this week on a facebook auction.

Thanks to Derek Bell that donated a box of flies and a reel also for putting the auction up on his Salmon, Trout & Dolloghan facebook group.

The Bids as of now is at £120.00. The auction ends on the 23/03/17.

I would like to thank Procastangling ( Armagh ), Mi Fli ( Dungannon ) Scoopy’s ( Armagh ) , Derek Bell jr and also David Millerl Art ( Wales ) (  for their generous donations to help raise money for the charity.

As well the club has been awarded a difibulater from Sport N.I. On behalf of the of the club I woud like to thank Sport N.I


02 / 03 / 2017

The fishing season has started. Tight lines to everyone. Please remember to send me your photos so i can add them to our gallery.

This year i am please to say that we have a lot more children looking to get out and learn to fish.

There nothing more exiting than catching your first fish.


22 / 02 / 2017

The Club held the first event of the year.

Fantastic Night had by all.

Special guest was Derek Bell Jr a well known professional at catching the famous Dollaghan. There was plenty of Q&A , along with great hints & Tips.

Derek also showed a few of the flys that he knows is best to fish for dollaghan . Derek also had picture of the dollaghan that he has caught the biggest being 23lb dollaghan .

Derek also took time to tie some flys & the flys that were for sale sold out in the matter of minutes.

Photos & Videos are uploaded on he website Gallery.


18 / 02 / 2017

The first bank clean up of 2017 took place on Saturday 11th February. Many more clean ups to come to help keep the pathways and river safe.

Club membership renewals nights were a success . Held in the Bottle of Benburb. Renewals for membership will close on the 18th February. New applications will then be opened from the 19th February until the 22nd February.

New applications will then be put in front of the committee at the March Committee and successful applicants will be notified in the 1st week of March.


24 / 01/  2017


The Angling club was invited to attend the Honourable the right society for the 1st meeting that was held in a number of years.

The meeting was attended by Chairman Philip Donnelly, Colin Nesbitt & Sarah Bryant.


 The Honourable The Irish Society’s Game Angling Seminar

 in The Lodge Hotel, Coleraine

at 19.00 hrs on Tuesday 24th January 2017


18.30 hrs         Registration

19.00               Attendance & Welcome

(Richard Regan, Chairman, Bann Division Committee of The Honourable The Irish Society and Edward Montgomery, Secretary

19.10               Seamus Connor, Chief Fisheries Officer, DAERA Inland Fisheries

19.25               Dr Richard Kennedy, AFBI Bushmills

19.45               John McCartney, Director of Conservation & Protection, Loughs Agency

20.05               Ken Whelan, Director of Research, Atlantic Salmon Trust

20.35               Short Soundbites: 

  • Gary Lavery, Angling NI Active Clubs Co-ordinator

20.45               Questions for Speakers

21.00               Closing remarks


A lot of information about the rivers and what is happening to the salmon numbers  from sea to river, along with how the clubs can help with protecting the rivers .


14 / 01 / 2017

As the new year begins the Committee would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The AGM for 2017 took place on 11/01/2017 in the Servite Priory in Benburb. A good attendance from 2016 members.

The committee had stood down and it was proposed by the members of the club that the committee for 2016 still be the 2017 committee. The club & committee also welcomed 2 new committee members.

The outlook for the club this year looks to be an excellent year to come. There will be a lot going on for the young & the elderly to enjoy and take part in. ( Keep an eye on this Space ).


28 / 10 / 2016

As the 2016 Game fishing season comes to an end Applications for 2017 is now open. All you have to do is to download an application in the membership section.

If you prefer an application form to be posted please contact me by email


17 / 10 / 2016

Unfortunately we are coming to the end of the game fishing season at the end of the month.

We have had some gorgeous big fish Salmon & Dollaghan being caught by club members.

Also a few big fish roughly above the 18 lb +  mark moving up the river this year.

Well done to all who have managed to catch fish this year.

Now that the season is coming to a close it is now time to think about applying again for 2017 membership.

Information on membership applications will be available in the next coming month.



Below a photo of Christy Donnelly with 1 of his many catches this year.

Christy Donnelly with a fantastic Dollaghan.

Christy Donnelly with a fantastic Dollaghan.


17 / 08 / 2016

A great couple of weeks fishing with quite a few fish being caught on the club waters.

Philip Donnelly  caught a Lovely Dollaghan @ 5 – 6lb in weight

Jimmy Gallagher also caught a few lovely Big Salmons.

Reports of plenty of great fish being caught.



12 / 08 / 16

Unfortunately not much happening at the river due to the lack of water.

Some anglers have been catching small trout but no big Salmon or Dollaghan reported to have been caught so far.

Fingers crossed the rains will come and give us some good fishing with a good flood on the river.

Don’t forget to report any catches so i can update the news feed.

Tight Lines


26 / 07 /16

The Fish are well and truely on there way. A wee flood on the river would be good now to help push them on up.

As at midday Friday 22nd July, 11,315 fish have passed through the counter at Portna. That means over 1,200 have passed through in 2 days.


24 / 07 / 16

Andy Best caught 2 Salmon today sunday . one  was around 8lb and the other one was around 3lb.

Unfortunately Andy also lost a Dollaghan about 4lb . Fish came out of the water and threw the hook .

Salmon safely released.

Also reported last week 11.45 on the 20/07/16 the 10,000th fish passed through the fish counter at Portna. This is the highest count in the last 15 years.



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